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Grimm: Dark Legacy’s characters and races draw heavily upon the rich heritage of the TV series, taking place hundreds of years before the TV show’s contemporary setting.

The game features many of the races from the popular TV series such as Wesen, Grimms, Daemonfeuer and Reinigen, as well as a variety of weapons such as axes, knives, bows and explosives; Many of which are similar to the ones Nick utilises in the series.


Grimm: Dark Legacy’s gameplay features a unique detection system that allows players to track and hunt Wesen. Smells, noise, and tracks can all be detected and followed, but the tables can be turned as Wesen use the same system to hunt and kill players! Grimm Hunters will need to employ their skills of detection and evasion to search for Wesen signs while masking their own, helping them gain the upper hand.

In addition to the core gameplay, the game features an in-depth crafting system in which players must gather and combine the right combination of items to create bombs, traps and weapons to help them boost their stats as well as hunt and dispatch their foes.


Played exclusively online, Grimm: Dark Legacy allows players to team up for co-operative multiplayer experiences. Play with friends or new players alike for the tactical edge in combat, or avoid confrontation altogether and use brains over brawn to complete your objective.


Set several hundred years before the current TV series, Grimm: Dark Legacy will explore the rich back-story of the Grimms and their many foes.

You’ll begin as an inexperienced hunter with little knowledge or weaponry. Over time, you’ll explore the different regions of the world, completing tasks and overcome obstacles as you grow in power, making the transformation from the hunted into the hunter.